Tony Blair

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair or simply Tony Blair once served as Prime Minister of Britain and was one of the youngest and the longest serving Prime Ministers of his country. Tony Blair’s term as a Prime Minister was paramount with controversies and during his term, he was even cited for war crimes like the case of many of his predecessors.

Followed by his party and under his leadership, Blair admonishes the traditional style of politics and his party came to be acknowledged as the ‘New Labour Party’. To lessen poverty, Blair implemented several socio-economic reforms and while focusing on improving the living standards of British locals, he brought down unemployment. Blair is known to be environmentalist as he has shown great sympathy for hazards affecting the environment with special mention to global warming, which his predecessors had failed to oversee.

Blair placed himself at odds with his party together with his countrymen when he decided to lead Britain to several wars. The ‘War on Terror’ declared by the U.S. put himself to great criticism. When Blair extended unconditional support to the invasions carried out in the Middle East by the US, he was severely criticized. When Blair decided to engage England in wars, both, his party members and the public were enraged by his act. According to them, Blair’s act exhausted a substantial amount of Britain’s financial reserves and not only violated human rights and disrupted peace.

End of Blair’s Term as Prime Minister

Blair was forced to resign in 2007. Blair’s popularity falls drastically and he was even accused of misleading Parliament. This was due to an increase in the number of casualties of British troops in the Iraq war. Blair passes the leadership of the Labour Party to Gordon Brown On 27 June 2007.

Blair was appointed as the Special Envoy for the United Nations, European Union, United States, and Russia the day he resigned to the ‘Quartet on the Middle East’ to help the Middle East facilitate its peace process.

Blair used most of his time to charitable works and established the ‘Tony Blair Faith Foundation’ right after his retirement. The Tony Blair Faith Foundation is a nonprofit organization and its mission is to advocate understanding and acceptance among people of different faiths.