A Day in the Life

Given that the job of Prime Minister is quite intense, it should come to no surprise how busy Tony Blair was. This goes to all people in high office. People like me, who go to work five days a week, have nothing to complain about. Sure, we may feel our days get busy at times. But imagine if you were the Prime Minister of a country. Enjoy working seven days a week! Well, I’m sure the workload on the weekends is trimmed down. But make no mistake, there is always work for a leader of a country. Let’s take a look at the schedule of Tony Blair from when he was in office.

Mr. Blair wakes up at 6:30 am. This may surprise many people because many people wake up before that. And they aren’t even leaders of a country! I suppose, however, the Prime Minister needs his rest. He goes to bed at 11 pm, which allows him a solid 7 1/2 hours of sleep.

The first thing Mr. Blair does in the morning, after waking up, talks on the phone with his staff. This happens around 7 am. Here, they talk about the plan of the day and any issues that may arise. It wouldn’t be smart for a leader of a country to simply play it by ear. Mr. Blair is smart because he gets everyone on the same page early on in the day.

The next thing Mr. Blair does, at 8 am, is probably his most important. He has breakfast with his children! He has nearly an hour to do this. This sends a strong message to all parents everywhere. If the leader of a country can find time to have breakfast with his children, so can you!

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