The War Minister

Given the UK’s history of war, there are probably many more UK leaders who would fit the title of War Minister. Both world wars come to mind. After all, who could pass up leaders such as Neville Chamberlain? This doesn’t minimize Chamberlain’s great actions during his life. But Tony Blair served during a fairly tumultuous time for modern times. He served during the Iraqi War.

He actually played a key role in supporting it. Support came in the fashion of sending UK troops. The UK, outside of the US, sent some of the largest numbers of military personnel to Iraq during the Iraqi War.

Tony Blair led the UK for nearly 10 years. The Iraqi War began in 2003, which was about halfway through his rule. At the time, governments and citizens believed that Iraq had “weapons of mass destruction”. People like Tony Blair and the US President George W. Bush believed that Iraq could use these weapons in a terrorist type way. But Saddam Hussein stated that he did not have any of these weapons.

One of the first steps was to send weapons inspectors. The inspectors visited many military sites around the country. They found nothing. Western governments thought that Iraq would simply hide or transfer the weapons before the inspectors arrived. All these years later, we now know that Iraq never had these weapons. But the Western government acted on intelligence they thought was more solid.

Tony Blair was recently in the news regarding this war. In 2016, a commission made their results known about the war. They said that Tony Blair’s use of force during that time was unwarranted. They said that Mr. Blair should not even have sent troops to Iraq. Given this, Mr. Blair will probably not face any jail time, even if the current belief is that the war was not justified.

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